Routing classification with Quagga + Realms
by Adrian Ban

Stable version : quagga-0.98.6 (official site: )
Unstable version : quagga-0.99.14 (official site : )

* wiktor.kolodziej (at) -> fix a minor bug. BGP crash in some circumtances

Patch for quagga-0.98.6
Patch for quagga-0.99.8
Patch for quagga-0.99.9 - just a little modification in
Patch for quagga-0.99.10 - same problem :)
Patch for quagga-0.99.13 - seems to be stable. I'm running the system for 2 weeks and it stable.
Patch for quagga-0.99.14 - New release the patch and i'm testing it to see if is ok. I've stripped out the code for realm origin-as and realm peer-as becouse of AS4 implementation.

OpenSuse 10.2/10.3/11.0 RPMs/SRPMs for quagga + realms (support IPv6, snmp, pam):

  • -> quagga-0.99.14-2.1.realms.i586.rpm , quagga-devel-0.99.14-2.1.realms.rpm, 4-2.1.realms.rpm, quagga-0.99.14-2.1.realms.src.rpm

  • This patch is based on Calin Velea <vcalinus at> patch ( ) for quagga-0.99.5 and mofied to quagga-0.99.8.
    This patch enables Linux route realms support in quagga.

    For more details check site. There you'll find all information you need.

    More info about usage:
    - ATTENTION! DO NOT USE route-map with set realm X for OUT routes! Use just for IN routes ! If you use for OUT routes, BGP will crash. When you use for IN route, realm will be set for out too!

    More info about compile:

    - before execute ./configure [arg] , do an autoreconf --force --install , after that do ./configure and make
    - for build quagga with realms, do not forget the option --enable-realms to ./configure !

    For more informations, or if you found a bug and you want to send me the patch, we can find me at: adrian(dot)ban (at) mantech(dot)ro

    Best regards.